Joshua (Life Change Series)


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LifeChange Bible Study Guide


For centuries God promised to give the land of Canaan to the family of Abraham. With the seasoned commander Joshua as His general, the Lord leads His army to take possession of its inheritance. Joshua focuses on how God dealt with a particular people in a unique moment of history to achieve certain ends.

Participants will learn unforgettable lessons about the faithfulness of God and what it means to be a citizen of His Kingdom. Also, while applying God’s word to their life participants will learn historical insights, and word definitions. A leader’s guide and assignments are included in the book.

A NavPress Bible Study emphasizing:
-Personal discovery of God’s Word
-Application of Scripture to your daily life
-Scene-setting historical insights
-Mini-leader’s guides for small groups
-Helpful word origins and definitions
-Stimulating discussion questions
-Challenging optional projects

– Personal study between meetings
– 16 sessions
– Includes study aids and discussion questions


ISBN-13: 9780891091219
ISBN-10: 0891091211
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5″
Pages: 173
Publisher: NavPress (1911)


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