King of Glory Illustrated Study Guide Answer Key


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Author: Paul Bramsen
Publisher: ROCK International
Subtitles: A Companion Tool for the King of Glory Movie & Book
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The King of Glory Illustrated Study Guide Answer Key goes with the King of Glory Illustrated Study Guide. Some information about the Study Guide (not the Answer Key!):

Filled with stunning illustrations from the multi-language King of Glory 15-episode movie and 70-scene book, the King of Glory Illustrated Study Guide is a companion tool that winningly and powerfully reinforces the big-picture truths about God, mankind, sin, and salvation, embedded in the best story ever told. In combination with the movie, this curriculum makes the Bible’s foundation and framework refreshingly clear for people of all backgrounds. It is ideal for use in small group studies, homes, personal studies, schools, kids’ clubs, homeschool, Sunday school and summer programs, retirement centers, prisons, ESL classes, refugee and immigrant contexts, international projects, camps, retreats, etc. This curriculum is designed for all ages and learning styles. Each of the 15 lessons (called episodes) has five parts:

1. Introduce: Read the introduction on the scroll (2 minutes)
2. Watch: Watch the episode (10 to 20 minutes)
3. Discuss: Five to ten questions (5 to 20 minutes)
4. Reflect: Talk about or memorize a verse (5 minutes)
5. Reinforce: Do the interactive exercises (10 to 30 minutes) Adaptable for all schedules, contexts, cultures, and time-limitations.

King of Glory the movie and book take you on an intense ride through the Scriptures of the prophets as it chronologically and accurately unfolds their story and message in a way that makes sense.