Lets Talk About Higher Education


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Author: Grant, John
ISBN-13: 9780946351947
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Let’s Talk About Higher Education
By: John Grant

Family life and family values are under threat more than ever before, yet the family is the one stabilizing unit for all of society. So many individual, community, and national problems can be traced back to the sad disintegration of family life. It was God who designed the family unit for the well-being of mankind, young and old.  In this series of booklets, we are taken back to the Bible to see again that God’s principles are the only secure foundations for our lives.

This book addresses the topic of higher education from a biblical perspective.

Part of the John Ritchie Family Series on family life and values. Other booklets in this series:
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John Grant lives in the west of Scotland with his wife, Ann.  They have a grown-up family of three sons and one daughter.  John travels widely with an effective evangelistic and teaching ministry.


ISBN-13: 9780946351947
ISBN: 0946351945
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Publisher: John Ritchie
Author: Grant, John