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Author: Large, J.H.
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The Local Church
By: James H. Large

This little volume originated as a series of articles in Precious Seed designed to meet the needs of new believers, some of whom would go to college or university or join the armed forces. Coming into contact with Christians from various backgrounds, many questions might arise regarding the practice of New Testament church principles.

Mr. Large gives us helpful guidance towards the maintenance of the simplicity of scripture teaching in the modern world. Whilst much has changed in the intervening decades, the thoughtful reader will still find much of value in these pages as they seek to follow scriptural church practice.

James H. Large was born into a Christian home in Cardiff on 26th June 1903. Following marriage, in 1933 he was commended by the assembly as Dinas Powis to the work of the Lord. This was followed by several years as an intinerant evangelist in many rural parts of England. A gifted Bible teacher, the author spent more than sixty years of his life preaching and teaching the word of God throughout the British Isles. Fifty-three of those years were in full-time service. He was the first editor of Precious Seed magazine, and served in this capacity, for 17 years. His books on Abraham From Idolater to Friend of God and Jacob – Supplanter to Prince with God have been widely appreciated.

ISBN-13: 9780830746897 
Publisher: Precious Seed Publication (reprint 2011)
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Author: Large, James H.