Matthews Messiah


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Author: Wilson, A.W.
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Matthew’s Messiah
By: A.W. Watson

Matthew’s Gospel poses some puzzling questions:

1)   Why does Matthew’s Gospel place some events in Christ’s life in a different order to Mark’s and Luke’s Gospels?
2) Why does Matthew’s Genealogy of Christ leave out many of Christ’s ancestors?
3) Why does Matthew’s Gospel give different accounts of some of Christ’s miracles to Mark and Luke?
4) Why does Matthew use some Old Testament verses as Messianic prophecies when they do not appear to be so in their Old Testament contexts?

Matthew’s Messiah shows how some of these puzzling features of Matthew’s Gospel provide the keys that help us to interpret Christ’s unexplained parables or to understand Christ’s difficult prophesies about the future. Above all, Matthew’s Messiah shows that Matthew’s Gospel is not one long meandering ramble through lots of little isolated incidents from Christ’s life. Matthew’s Gospel is a literary masterpiece arranged according to a precise and brilliant plan – just as we would expect from a divinely inspired Gospel. In it, we not only encounter Jesus the Messiah, but also His all-important, high priority teachings on discipleship, evangelism, God’s Kingdom, the Church and things to come.

ISBN-13: 9781904064084
ISBN: 1904064086
Book Size: 5.75″ X 8.25″
Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 238
Publisher: John Ritchie Ltd
Author: Watson, A.W.