May We See Christ? An Old Testament Journey


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Author: Warren Henderson
Pages: 753
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Henderson Publishing
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At this particular moment, each of us is as close to the Lord Jesus Christ as we desire to be. The Lord is a perfect Gentleman; He does not force Himself on anyone. Our patient Savior is always ready to extend knowledge, grace, wisdom, mercy, and forgiveness to those genuinely seeking Him. Through His Word and by His Spirit, God aids a true seeker to have a deeper knowledge of Himself and His purposes. God the Father loves His Son and desires us to know, appreciate, and love Him too. Besides the plain language of Scripture, God has employed a variety of types, symbols, and allegories in a complementary fashion to teach us about His Son. With the light of New Testament truth and the illuminating assistance of the Holy Spirit, we are able to understand and appreciate these fascinating Old Testament pictures. All of God’s written Word speaks of Christ to some degree as He is the main emphasis of Scripture. Accordingly, the best reason to embark on this one-year journey is to more clearly see, know, and love Christ. May the Lord richly bless your daily contemplation’s of the Savior as you expectantly peer into God’s oracles and witness the glory of His Son. —Warren Henderson


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