Men of the Mountains & Valleys


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Author: Wilson, T. Ernest
ISBN-13: 9781882701001
Pages: 132
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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Every mountain has a corresponding valley. The one balances the other. Life is like that; it has its ups and downs. In Scripture, the mountaintop is a place of revelation. But it is a lonely place, a dangerous place, often covered with perpetual snow and rarified air. It is no place for weaklings or cowards.

Men of the Mountains & Valleys takes you mountain climbing with the great men of the Bible: Noah and Ararat, Abraham and Moriah, Moses and Sinai, Caleb and Hebron, David and Zion, Elijah and Carmel. Then, as if that scenery isn’t breathtaking enough, you will ascend, in reverent awe, the slopes of Matthew’s Gospel with the Lord Jesus: the Mountain of Temptation, of Teaching, of Intercession, and of Transfiguration. See the Saviour on the Mount of Olives, Mount Calvary, and the Mount of Commission in Galilee. Then on to that “great and high mountain” of revelation with the venerarable John to view the grand climax of history. At every step in the journey there are great truths relevant for today.