The Messiah and the Feasts of Israel


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Author: Bryan Sheldon
ISBN-13: 9781897117590
Pages: 192
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (2009)
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The Feasts of the Lord were placed in the calendar of the Hebrew nation as a prophetic timetable of God’s redemptive plan. Israel, in celebrating the spring cycle of feasts was compelled to look back to their deliverance from Egyptian slavery and the giving of the Torah. But these feasts were not only memorials of great acts of God in the past, but also finger-posts to future events when Messiah would come. For the Messiah would:

*Die a substitiutionary death at Passover,
*Be buried at the Feast of Unleavened Bread,
*Be resurrected at the Feast of Firstfruits,
*Pour out the Spirit of God from His place of ascension at the Feast of Weeks.

Moreover, the prophetic timetable has not yet run its course, for the fulfillment of the autumn cycle of Feasts is still to come. The Messiah will:

*Return at a future Feast of Trumpets,
*Judge the Jewish nation on a coming Day of Atonement,
*Initiate the millennial kingdom at a Feast of Tabernacles.

Let it be known that God is still the Lord of history and He is working His purpose out as year succeeds year.

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