Messiah the Hope of Israel


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Author: Allan Cundick
Pages: 215
Binding: Spiral Bound
Subtitles: An Expository Study of the Book of Zechariah


We live in momentous days in which the world stands on the threshold of tremendous global events. According to the Bible, which is the Word of God, their magnitude will be colossal because God Himself will terminate this present age. Divine judgment will cause the physical world to be literally shaken to its core and drastically altered. As in this day, the lives and destinies of the people on the earth at the time will be determined by their attitude to the God of the Universe.

There has never been a day like the present in which prophecy as revealed in the Word of God is so relevant and important.  The believer in Christ senses that very soon it will be part of history. The diligent student of the Bible may well ask the question, “Where do I begin the study of prophecy?”

The book of Zechariah not only unfolds the beauty of character of Messiah but also reveals His love for His chosen people Israel. The character of the nation is therefore unique and ever will be, not only until the end of this age but in the Millennium and in the Eternal State. The pathway of the nation to its ultimate destiny is clearly marked out in this wonderful prophecy. It will be deeply involved in the events of end times and will be at the forefront of global persecution in those terrible days.

Messiah – The Hope of Israel is a verse by verse study of the book. It seeks to underlie the wonderful dealings of God with His earthly people Israel and with nations of the world The magnificent chapter 14 is the glorious climax to the prophecy in which Messiah, having brought His people through deep waters, will reign over the earth, and Israel will be the primary nation among the nations.

Eighteen colored Tables illustrate the commentary and several photographs help to bring the scenes alive.



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