Minor Prophets And The End Times, The


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Author: Cameron, Donald
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The Minor Prophets And The End Times
By: Donald Cameron

This book was written at the request of readers of a series of short articles on the Minor Prophets by the same author. The Minor Prophets have much to tell us about the terrible events following the close of this age, and of the golden age to come. In the Old Testament books by the minor prophets we find that all nations will one day confront Israel.

Donald Cameron served over thirty years in the Army, progressing from being a training corporal and recruiting sergeant in the nineteen-fifties, to being an educational officer, an intelligence officer and, in the early ‘eighties, the British Liaison Officer to the Soviet Exchange Mission to the British Commander-in-Chief. He then worked for many years as a staff development trainer and consultant. He has two honours qualifications in Russian. He has had a variety of Christian leadership roles in many places over many years, but since 1993 has concentrated on writing on the Bible’s predictive prophecy. Cameron is also the author of  End Time Prophecy in the Gospels and The Day of Vengence of our God.

ISBN-13: 9781907731099
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Author: Cameron, Donald