Minor Prophets Book 2 Hosea Amos Jonah CLASSIC SERIES


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Author: Tatford, Fredk A.
ISBN-13: 9781910513002
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Minor Prophets: Book 2 – Hosea, Amos, Jonah
Classic Series
By: Fredk A Tatford

Highly respected author F.A Tatford considers the books of Hosea, Amos and Jonah.

Hosea – Propet of a Broken Home – Hosea was a strong character who was compelled to contend with the most violent hostility as well as with secret plots. He courageously resisted current trends and attitudes of his day. With a deep personal experience of sorrow, he entered into the feelings of God for the people of Israel.

Amos – Prophet of Social Injustice – It was in days of class distinction, social injustice, oppression and immorality that Amos prophesied, and is message to Israel is relevant to the present day. The problems may be different, but te basic attitude is the same and the danger is great.

Jonah – Prophet Who Deserted  – The revelation of God came to Jonah and he spoke the truth of God to His people. His experiences were an essential part of that message and his traumatic time in the depths of the sea were a symbol of the Lord Himself.

ISBN-13: 9781910513002
Binding: paperback
Pages: 412
Publisher: John Ritchie Ltd (2014)
Author: Tatford, F.A.