Mountains & Valleys in Christian Living


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SKU: 9781897117941
Author: Norbie, Donald
ISBN-13: 9781897117941
Pages: 90
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (2009)
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This book covers several important subjects for the believer as illustrated from personal experience or from Bible characters. It deals with: Our Desires as Christians, Security of the Believers, Spiritual Growth, True Riches in Life, Christian Acceptance, A Pattern Life (as found in Joseph), and Being Fruitful in Old Age. These topics have been selected by the author as he reflects on his own personal Christian life with its challenges, trials, and triumphs, work and witness, study and sharing during the different stages of his life.

The author is sharing these truths with the readers to encourage them to always put the Lord first in their lives. It will not always be easy but we should be motivated to serve the Lord who purchased us with His own precious blood. He reminds us that our life of service is the only reasonable thing we can give our Master.

Be encouraged as you take time to read through these short meditations and words of wisdom collected from a life lived by faith in serving his Lord.