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Rise Up Conference 2011 MP3: Christ Pre-Eminent
December 27 – 30, 2011
Charlotte, North Carolina

This MP3 contains all of the conference messages including General Session speakers:

Dr. John Lennox
Mr. Paul Young
Mr. Joe Reese
Dr. Joseph Mikhael

If you missed out on attending the conference in Charlotte but would like to enjoy all of the ministry, you can purchase the MP3 to be played on your computer. The disc will play in most modern DVD/CD players marked with the MP3 symbol.

General Session #1 – Dr. John Lennox
General Session #2 – Paul Young
General Session #3 – Joe Reese
General Session #4 – Dr. Joseph Mikhael
General Session #5 – Paul Young
General Session #6 – Joe Reese
General Session #7 – Dr. John Lennox

Lord Teach Us To Pray: Personal and Collective Prayer (Mike Attwood)
Older Women Teaching Younger Women (Joyce Barinowski)
Good Homes Make Good Assemblies (Scott DeGroff)
Christ’s Pre-Eminence Denied in Modern Times (David Dunlap)
Women Touched By God (Vickie Gaynier)
Assembly Fellowship & Employment Demands (Brian Gunning)
Moral Purity for Women (Bobbi Heller)
Handling Struggles in Marriage (John Heller)
The Changing Face of Modern Missions (Mark Kolchin)
Engaging with New Atheism: The increasing attempt to discredit God (Dr. John Lennox)
Engaging with New Atheism: Does Christianity promote violence & evil? (Dr. John Lennox)
Christ Pre-Eminent in the Heart of Worship (David Dunlap)
Christ Pre-Eminent in the New Testament Church Principles (Mike Attwood)
Study To Show Thyself Approved: Practical Approach to Bible Study (Dr. Joseph Mikhael)
Christ Pre-Eminent in the Young Person: Making the right decisions early (Dr. Joseph Mikhael)
Message Preparation (Dr. Steve Price)
What Ever Happened to the Great Commission? (Joe Reese)
The Lost Doctrine of Fellowship (Joe Reese)
Supporting the Lord’s Work and Workers (Mike Stoudt)
Ladies Becoming Bible Students (Nancy Trogdon)
Follow Me Even As I Follow Christ (Rex Trogdon)
The Believer and the World: Our Walk, Our Witness and Our Work (Paul Young)
Christian Fellowship: With Fellow Believers and in the Local Assembly(Paul Young)

To order a CD copy of individual sessions from the 2011 Rise Up Conference, please contact [email protected]


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