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Rise Up & Choose 2009 Conference MP3
December 28 – 31, 2009
Dearborn, Michigan

This MP3 contains all of the conference messages including Keynote Speakers:
Roy Hill
Mike Attwood
William Burnett
Alan Gamble
William Yuille
If you missed out on attending the conference in Dearborn, MI but would like to enjoy all of the ministry, you can purchase the MP3 and play it on a MP3 CD player or your computer.

Audio Seminars Include: 

1. General Session #1    Roy Hill
2. General Session #2    Mike Attwood
3. General Session #3    William Burnett
4. General Session #4    Alan Gamble
5. General Session #5    William Yuille
6. General Session #6    Alan Gamble
7  General Session #7    Roy Hill
8. Victory In Christian Living – William Yuille
9  Discipling – Dr. Steve Price
10 Witnessing – Chris Schroeder
11. Choose To Be a Student of the Word – Alan Gamble
12. Your Vocation – Alan Gamble
13. Choosing A Local Church – Roy Hill
14. Your Companions in Business & Marriage – Brian Gunning
15. A Godly and Happy Marriage – Dr. Steve & Janet Price
16. Invest For Eternity – Rob Sullivan
17. Biblical Worldview – Rob Sullivan
18. Caring for Others – Rex Trogden
19. Serve In The Local Assembly – Scott DeGroff
20. Becoming A Mary – Dr. Nadia Mikhael 21. Deciding To Be A Martha – Nancy Trogden
22. Make Biblical Distinctions – Mike Attwood
23. Worshiping – William Burnett
24. Dare To Be A Daniel – William Burnett
25. Godly Young Woman – Joyce Barinowski
26. Team Workers (MSC Canada) – Eric Kalmbach, Kirk Dupre
27. Foreign Missionary Service 

To order a CD copy of individual sessions from the 2009 Rise Up Conference, please contact [email protected].


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