New Combined Bible Dictionary And Concordance


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Author: Pfeiffer, Charle
ISBN-13: 9780801066801
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The New Combined Bible Dictionary and Concordance
By: Charles F. Pfeiffer

Two terrific resources are merged into this convenient volume that features over 10,000 concise but comprehensive entries. The concordance function lets you quickly identify the exact King James Version quotation you’re looking for, while the dictionary entries provide clear definitions and explanations of Scripture terms including persons and places. This resource also features a brief introduction by Charles F. Pfeiffer on “How to Study the Bible.”

ISBN-13: 9780801066801
ISBN: 0801066808
Binding: Paperback
Book Size:  5.5×8.5 inches
Category: Concordance
Pages: 454
Publisher: Baker (reprint 1973)
Weight: 1.0 lbs
Author: Pfeiffer, Charles F.


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