New Testament Deacon, The: Minister of Mercy

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Author: Strauch, Alexander
ISBN-13: 9780936083070
Pages: 192
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Lewis & Roth Publishers (1992)
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Our heartfelt burden is to help deacons get out of the boardroom and building-maintenance mentality and into the people-serving mentality. Deacons, as the New testament teaches and as some of the sixteenth-century reformers discovered, are to be involved in a compassionate ministry of caring for the poor and needy.

The deacons’ ministry, therefore, is one that no Christ-centered, New Testament church can afford to neglect. It’s through the deacons’ ministry that we make Christ’s love a reality for many people. A ground-breaking study of all the biblical texts on the subject, The New Testament Deacon: Minister of Mercy will help you build a strong ministry in your church. This book and its companion work The New Testament Deacon Study Guide, are widely used materials for training and equipping deacons.

The New Testament Deacon Study Guide is also available at Gospel Folio Press.