Notes on Galatians & Philippians *


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Author: Trew, William
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Notes on Galatians & Philippians
By: William Trew

This little book originated as a series of articles in Precious Seed magazine. The style of the writing vividly captures the character of the oral ministry of a highly gifted servant of God. The dangers of legalism on the one hand, as addressed in Galatians, and on the other,  the need to truly experience the joy of fellowship with the risen Lord, as set forth in Philippians, remain to the present day. May these studies continue to instruct and encourage the Lord’s people!

William Trew was born in December 1902 in New Stevenston, Scotland. He trusted the Lord Jesus as a young man of 17, was baptized and received into fellowship in the assembly meeting at Shields Road, Motherwell and was commended to the work of the Lord at the early age of 19. Mr. Trew moved to South Wales in the 1920’s and shared in the gospel tent work in the South Wales valleys with Walter Norris, evangelizing and planting assemblies. Although greatly gifted as an evangelist he was also a very able teacher of the Word and in later years this became his main exercise. He ministered much on prophetic lines, but in particular he was very anxious that the principles of local assembly gathering be clearly taught.

ISBN-13: 9781871642377
ISBN-10: 187164237X
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 72
Publisher: Precious Seed (2012)
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Author: Trew, William