On His Heart: Our High Priest’s Loving Care


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SKU: 9781882701599
Author: Beckon, Madge
ISBN-13: 9781882701599
Pages: 168
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (1999)
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It is natural that the third book in this trilogy from the pen of Madge Beckon should take us to the heart of things. For the heart of the universe is the heart of God, and His love was unveiled in the love of the Saviour. But the One who died for us two thousand years ago also lives for us today. As our Great High Priest, He is watching over us, providing for us, and praying us home every step of the way. We are always On His Heart. This collection of short essays warms our own hearts as we see the wonderful ways of the Lord at work in our lives. 

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