One God One Message 2007


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Author: Paul Bramsen
Pages: 387
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Rock International
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Hi. Jesus came as the Messiah and I believe that, but he never said he was God. Christ never was crucified. Even if Jesus was crucified, this never means that people’s sins were just deleted because of that. This is nonsense to me. What I believe and know is that the Bible is mostly fake right now and is corrupt since all its books were manipulated…Peace, Ahmed

  • Has the world’s best-seller been corrupted?
  • What makes its story and message so captivating, yet controversial?
  • With 10,000 religions worldwide, is confusion our only option?

To find out: Take the journey from time to eternity… before you die

Paul Bramsen and his wife have lived, worked and raised their family in a majority-Muslim nation on the edge of the Sahara. Paul’s writings flow from a passion for the Scriptures and from thousands of dialogues with Muslim friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Paul is also the author of “The Way of Righteousness,” a 100-program chronological radio series, which has been or is being translated into over 70 languages for broadcast in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.