Our Struggle with Good & Evil


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SKU: 9781927521410
Author: Estevez, Dr. Roberto
ISBN-13: 9781927521410
Pages: 198
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (2013)
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This book contains biographical lessons from ten ancient kings of Judah. All the kings selected had good spiritual health, doing “that which was right in the eyes of God”, but they failed in their struggle against evil, at least at one point, whether with adultery, culture, wealth, power, fame, pride, anger, anxiety, alliances, or idolatry. Eventually, the nation crumbled morally, allowing Babylon to conquer them and take Judah captive into exile.

Our Struggle with Good and Evil impacted me by enabling me to discern better between good and evil, in the opportunities and attractions of the day I face, and, then, by encouraging me to trust and obey my Saviour in what He desires me to do. It’s simple. It’s powerful.” ~B.W. Hopkins, ThD, Former Vice President, Dean, and Professor Emeritus of Moody Theological Seminary