Pamphlet: 100 Things to Know When Dating


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100 Things to Know When Dating
Rose Publishing

Christian online dating sites try to take some of the risk out of dating, but singles need to use their common sense and God-given gift of wisdom to look at character and compatability. As the Bible says, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” Sometimes it helps to talk with friends as you start a new relationship. 100 Things to Know When Dating makes a good journaling tool, singles Bible study or Sunday school topic.

Christian Premarital Advice and First Date Questions

Does this person have good character? Are there red flags to avoid? It’s easy to get swept off your feet when a relationship starts, but the excitement of a first date can blind us to some very important questions to consider and discuss, including personality, responsibility, Christian faith, honesty, motivation, habits, addictions, and danger areas.
How can two people get close and test a romantic relationship with respect for each other? By answering 100 questions outlined in this compelling pamphlet. The pamphlet is excellent tool for singles of all ages and provides information on several different levels, including:

-Basics – For example, do you know enough about this person to go out together? What about their first and last name and where they live?-Faith and character – For example, Does this person do kind and loving things for others without being asked?
-Lifestyle – Does this person have odd opinions, poor manners, or trouble keeping friends?
-Personality traits and boundaries – Do you find yourself apologizing for his/her behavior?
-Deeper issues – Does he/she hold you down and tickle you when it is no longer fun?

Christian Dating: Avoiding the Big Mistakes

Dating is fun and exciting, but may have moments that are difficult and awkward. This informative pamphlet can help avoid the pain of incompatibility by offering preliminary questions and ideas to consider. One hundred questions form the bulk of the pamphlet, covering basic information; basics about faith and character; basics about lifestyle; personality traits; and deeper issues. Here is a sampling:
-How often does his/her family get together?
-Does this person get along with other people in his or her family?
-Does this person seem to have a vital relationship with God or does
he or she just say religious things? (1 John 2:3-6)
-Does he or she joke or brag about doing wrong things? (Proverbs 10:23)
-Does this person flirt with others or treat you with respect? (1 Corinthians 13)
-Is he or she irritable, unforgiving, stubborn or looking for an opportunity to take revenge? (Matthew 5:38-39)
-Does he or she talk about past relationships often?
-Is their anything about him or her you would not want your parents or friends to know?

These questions encourage singles to consider what could become a more serious issue. Some questions offer scriptural answers or points to consider. For example, the question “Is this person jealous about your time with friends and family?” is followed by Proverbs 27:4 as a point to ponder: “Wrath is cruel, and anger is outrageous; but who is able to stand before envy?”

How to Break Up with Someone in a Respectful Way

In today’s online dating climate, it’s easy to discard people like an old pair of socks, but that’s not how Christians ought to treat one another. It’s important to allow people to save face, and be able to move on in life without the indignity of a destructive rejection.
-“Breaking Up is Hard to Do” gives wisdom and advice from the Word on this sensitive task.
-“Filling the Void After a Recent Breakup” presents Bible verses and principles to help a person grieve the loss and find comfort in Scripture and the care of others.

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