Pamphlet: The Christmas Story: Scriptures from the Gospels and the Prophets


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Author: Rose Publishing
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Pages: 14 panels
Publisher: Rose Publishing
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Here is the story of Jesus’ birth and the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies in a beautiful pamphlet that can be used as a handout at Christmas and as a Bible study to use during Advent. Using traditional wording from Matthew and Luke’s Gospels, and beautiful full-color art, this pamphlet starts with the angelic announcement of John the Baptist’s birth and the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary. It continues with Mary and Joseph traveling to Nazareth, the birth of Jesus, and the visitation of the shepherds and the Wise Men. It ends with the Gospel story and a forward look toward Christ’s second coming. This beautiful pamphlet will be treasured.

Contains suggestions for Advent celebrations and traditional suggested readings; also includes suggestions for using the pamphlet as a Christmas program script.



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