Pamphlet: Four Views of the End Times


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Pamphlet – Four Views of the End Times: Views on Jesus’ Second Coming
Rose Publishing

For nearly 2000 years, people have wondered about the timeline of the end times and the Second Coming of Christ. Even back in Jesus’ day, the disciples asked for the signs of Jesus’ return. Today people who care about Bible prophecy want to know if Jesus will return physically and reign on earth for 1,000 years, and when it will happen.

The major Christian millennial views on the end times are compared in this Four Views of the End Times pamphlet. This brief summary of end-times prophecies and the Book of Revelation can be read in 30 minutes or less.

Introduction to Bible Prophecy about the End Times:
List of the Signs of the End Times
Jesus’ and Paul’ Teachings on the End Times
What all Christians Agree On: Jesus is Coming Again, and We Should All Be Ready
4 End-Times Prophecy Timelines
Definitions of End Times Phrases: Church age, Millennium, Rapture, Great Tribulation, Preterism, and more.
Glossary of terms in the Book of Revelation: 666, “The Beast,” Antichrist, Armageddon, mark of the best, and more.

Comparison of 4 Eschatological Timelines:
Definition of Eschatology – The part of theology that focuses on the “last things”: the final events in the history of the world. Each timeline shows (where applicable): Church Age, Tribulation, Millennium, Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Final Judgment, Eternity

1) Historical Premillennialism – Historical Premil
2) Amillennialism – Amil
3) Postmillennialism – Postmil
4) Dispensational Premillennialism – Premil Dispensationalism showing 3 possible Rapture scenarios: Pre-tribulation, Mid-Tribulation, or Post-Tribulation


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ISBN: 1596360895
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