Pamphlet: Intelligent Design


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Pamphlet – Intelligent Design: Why Scientists are Abandoning Darwin
Rose Publishing

This pamphlet is the best short description of what Intelligent Design (I.D.) is all about and why many scientists and analytic philosophers today are embracing it and distancing themselves from Darwin’s theory of the origin of life. Co-authored by William Dembski, PhD, a leader in the I.D. debate and a mathematician and philosopher, and Sean McDowell, MA, a popular nationwide speaker. This 14-page full-color pamphlet is an easy-to-follow guide into this engaging topic about God and science.

Chapters include:
What is Intelligent Design?
How Does ID Differ from Creationism and Evolution?
Why Is Design Important?
Is Darwinism Scientific Fact?
Is ID Science?
What is Irreducible Complexity?
Can Darwinism Explain Life’s Origin?
Where Does Biological Information Come From?
Is the Universe Designed?
What About Bad Design and Evil?
Guide to Common Objections

ISBN-13: 9781596363397
ISBN: 1596363398
Size: 8.5 x 5.5″
Publisher: Rose Publishing (2009)