Pamphlet: Life of David


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Pamphlet – Life of David: Key Events, Map, Charts, and Time Line
Rose Publishing

From humble beginnings as a shepherd boy to king over Israel, David is one of the most beloved and impressive characters in the Bible. Despite massive personal failures, David went down in history as “a man after God’s own heart.” This handy guide tracks every major event in David’s life as well as the important people around him. Complete with maps, charts and time lines, this pamphlet explores the life of Jesus’ most famous ancestor.

A perfect introduction to the key events in King David’s life: David and Goliath, David and King Saul, David and Jonathan, David and Bathsheeba, David and Nabal, David and Abigail, David and Absolom.

Time line covers these keys events:
David is born
Samuel anoints David as king
David kills Goliath
Saul’s son Jonathan declares lifelong friendship with David
David marries King Saul’s daughter, Michal
Saul tries to kill David; David lives in exile
David spares Saul’s life
King Saul and son Jonathan die in battle with Philistines
David made king of Israel; conquers Jerusalem and makes it his capitol; rules 33 years
God promises that David’s kingdom will last forever
David dies, leaves kingdom to son Solomon

ISBN-13: 9781596363090
ISBN-10: 1596363096
Format: Pamphlet
Pages: 14 panels
Size: 8.5 x 5.5″
Publisher: Rose Publishing


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