Pamphlet: Pursuing Jesus


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Pamphlet – Pursuing Jesus: I’m a Christian – Now What?
Rose Publishing

Basic discipleship in language anyone can understand for a new generation of believers.

– New believer’s tool; youth & young adult
– The basics of Christian living for a new generation of believers.
– Addresses 15 questions new believers have.
– Written in nonreligious language for teens and young adults, this pamphlet provides encouragement and practical tips for new believers to stay strong on their journey with Jesus.

Questions include:
I don’t feel holy or “Christian.” Do I really belong?
It was really a rush at first but now I don’t feel the same. What happened?
What happens when I sin? Is it all over?
What’s “quiet time”? Why do I need it?
What is prayer? How do I do it?
Why is the Bible important? How do I read it?
So why do I need to go to church?
People keep talking about spiritual gifts. Do I get one?
What’s this thing about giving away my money?
A lot of things scare me. What does the Bible say about fear?
I’m a Christian but I still have doubts. Is that OK?
But if God loves me, why do bad things happen to me?
Isn’t Christianity the same as any other religion? Is Jesus the only way to be saved?
Is there evidence that Jesus really died and rose from death?
How do I know the Bible’s reliable?


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