Peace and Communion


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Author: H. H. Snell
Pages: 255
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
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Many of the Lord’s people are sad and drooping instead of giving thanks and rejoicing; and collective ruin and disorder instead of worship, and united testimony to the truth, are to be seen on every hand. It must therefore be important to inquire where the defect lies in those who are truly born of God. We believe much of it arises from a low state of soul, a superficial acquaintance with divine truth, and an erroneous idea that God’s Word is given only to teach sinners the way of salvation, and that there is little to be known here besides the forgiveness of sins. As to souls who are better instructed, Why is there so little liberty, joy, and devotedness? We believe the answer is found in a lack of peace and communion. Peace and Communion was written to guide the believer in Christ into that practical, daily enjoyment of liberty and joy.


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