Peace, Perfect Peace ECS


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Author: Meyer, F.B
ISBN-13: 9781593870645
Pages: 80
Binding: Paperback
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Suffering, sorrow, and death are part of the world in which we live. Yet for the Christian, our perspective and response to these difficulties is – nor should be – different from that of the one who does not know Christ. This book conveys God’s heart to the reader by gently but firmly communicating the breadth of God’s peace as it relates to the penitent, the afflicted, the sorrowing, the bereaved, and those who would minister comfort to others.

For more than one hundred years, the counsel that F.B. Meyer gives in Peace, Perfect Peace has ministered comfort to those in need.

Peace, Perfect Peace!
How to Bear Sorrow
The Blessed Dead
Comforted to Comfort