People with a Problem


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Author: Nicholson Sr., J. Boyd
ISBN-13: 9781882701612
Pages: 48
Binding: Booklet
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (1999)
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There isn’t a person on the planet today who doesn’t have problems. Backaches. Headaches. Heartaches. Too many material things – or too few. Family troubles. Financial crises. Health woes. But these are only symptoms, said the world’s greatest Physician, symptoms of a deeper problem. We have soul trouble.

People With A Problem takes an insightful look at the words of the Lord Jesus when He told us why He visited Earth: to preach good news to the poor; to heal the broken hearted, to give deliverance to those held captive by circumstances, to give sight to the spiritually blind, and to set at liberty those that are crushed by life’s calamities. The answer to life’s problems is found in a Person. And His name is Jesus.

From the Publisher’s Foreword:
“The substance of this message was first aired worldwide for a radio program on the Family Bible Hour. Since its initial broadcast, the material was widely circulated as a transcript. This edition has been carefully edited, maintaining the essence of the radio talk, but rewording some sections to be more appropriate for today’s readers.

“May People With A Problem continue to be a source of spiritual help to those honest seekers who discover that every generation hides within their hearts the same longings: for secure love, purpose in life, and a certain hope beyond the grave. After we have exhausted ourselves seeking other ways to find the answer, some of us dare to ask, “You don’t think that the answer may be in the Bible after all, do you?”

It is indeed.