PowerPoint: Bible Time Line


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SKU: 9781596363649
Author: Rose Publishing
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PowerPoint – Bible Time Line
Rose Publishing

This PowerPoint¨ presentation is in native format, which means you can extract, delete, and re-order the slides as you wish.

Based on our best-selling Bible Time Line, this easy-to-use presentation compares Bible history, World history, and Middle East history in a visual way. For example, Daniel lived at the same time at Confucius and Buddha. Cleopatra was queen of Egypt just 30 years before Jesus’ time. The first Olympic games were about the time of Jonah. Includes more than 100 full color, graphics rich slides with maps, pictures, and reproducible classroom handouts and worksheets. You control the timing, order, and speed.

ISBN: 9781596363663
Slides: over 100
Format: CD
Publisher: Rose Publishing (2009)


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