PowerPoint: How We Got the Bible


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Author: Rose Publishing
ISBN-13: 1890947326
Publisher: Rose Publishing (2003)
Format: CD
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PowerPoint – How We Got the Bible
Rose Publishing

Increase Confidence in the Reliability of the Bible! This PowerPoint¨ Version of How We Got The Bible  includes more than 180 slides, enough material for several lessons.

This time line of key people and events in the history of the Bible shows ancient writing materials, such as stone and clay tablets, leather scrolls, papyrus, early hand copied books, and more. Features people who gave their lives to translate and print the Bible, including William Tyndale, John Wycliffe, King James, Erasmus, and Johann Gutenberg. Perfect for new Christians as well as long-time believers.

Teach about:

How the Bible was written
Early writing materials
Early Bible Translations
People who gave their lives bringing us the Bible
Reasons to believe in the accuracy of Scripture

How We Got the Bible PowerPoint¨ reveals dozens of people who were used by God to write and translate the Scriptures, including:
Alfred the Great
John Wycliffe
Martin Luther
William Tyndale
Miles Coverdale
King James I (and committee)

ISBN: 9781890947460
Slides: 180
Format: CD
Publisher: Rose Publishing (2003)


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