PowerPoint: Twelve Disciples, The


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Author: Rose Publishing
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PowerPoint – The Twelve Disciples
Rose Publishing

This ready-to-teach PowerPoint presentation can be shown using a digital projector on a screen or just on your computer monitor. Great for teaching large groups of people. There are more than 200 “frames,” which is enough material to give several talks.

People love diagrams. This presentation gives you plenty of interesting visual aids: Each of the twelve disciples has a portrait, list of names or nicknames, key events in his life, challenges he faced, and his history. Perfect for teaching people who are visually oriented.

Bonus included on the CD! You can print out teacher’s notes and handouts showing each frame so that your students can easily follow your lecture and take notes.

Also available at Gospel Folio Press:
-Pamphlet – The Twelve Disciples
-Wall Chart – The Twelve Disciples

ISBN: 9781596360488
Slides: 200
Format: CD
Publisher: Rose Publishing (2006)


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