PowerPoint: What’s So Great About Heaven


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What is Heaven like? Popular media portrays boring white clouds, but many verses in the Bible give hints of a wonderful place of joy, vitality, and restoration. Whether you are just wondering or know someone facing death, the Heaven PowerPoint explores everything Scripture says about that elusive and much-desired place.

This PowerPoint is full-featured and ready to use, and includes over 120 slides covering topics such as:
Why is Heaven important?
What do we mean by heaven?
What can we know about heaven from the Bible?
What kind of relationships will exist in heaven?
Will we be able to recognize our loved ones in heaven?
What is the new heaven and the new earth?

This presentation will provide biblical reasons to have confidence that in heaven we will recognize one another, that we will be freed from suffering and pain, and that we will have joy and a closeness with one another and with the Lord that is beyond our experience here.

This PowerPoint presentation will give comfort and inspiration to those wondering about heaven or death, and is perfect for small groups, sunday school classes, and fellowship groups. Those who have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ will know the joy and fulfillment of being in a place that has the best of this life and much more!




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