Prayer Is An Adventure: Building a Friendship with God


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Author: St John Patricia
ISBN-13: 978184550528
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Prayer is an Adventure: Building a Friendship with God
By: Patricia St. John

Did you know that you are made of three parts and they are all important? You are made of body, mind and spirit. With your body you communicate with other people. You talk to them, listen to them, touch them, see them. You play with them and work with them. With your mind you communicate with other things; you read books, watch TV, learn at school, listen to music, enjoy entertainments. With your spirit you communicate with God. Come on an adventure it s called prayer.

Build your friendship with God and with him beside you discover how amazing life can be with the all knowing, all powerful, almighty God as your guide.


Patricia St. John spent 27 years as a dedicated missionary to North Africa – and was also a prolific children’s writer. Her books are loved and treasured around the world. Some have been turned into stirring films. Gripping adventures which cover real life issues are her hall-mark.


ISBN-13: 978-1845505288
ISBN-10: 184550528X
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 128
Publisher: Christian Focus (2004)
Author: St John, Patricia


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