Predestination & Free Will

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Author: Basinger, David & Randall
ISBN-13: 9780877845676
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Predestination & Free Will
Edited by: David Basinger & Randall Basinger

If God is in control, are people really free?

This question has bothered Christians for centuries. And answers have covered a wide spectrum. Today Christians still disagree.
Those who emphasize human freedom view it as a reflection of God’s self-limited power. Others look at human freedom in the context of God’s overall control.

David and Randall Basinger have put this age-old question to four scholars trained in theology and philosophy. John Feinberg of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Norman Geisler of Dallas Theological Seminary focus on God’s specific sovereignty. Bruce Reichenbach of Augsburg College and Clark Pinnock of McMaster Divinity College insist that God must limit his control to ensure our freedom. Each writer argues for his perspective and applies his theory to two practical case studies. Then the other writers respond to each of the major essays, exposing what they see as fallacies and hidden assumptions.

ISBN-13: 9780877845676
ISBN-10: 0877845670
Size: 8.25 x 5.5″
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 180
Publisher: InterVarsity Press (1986)
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Editor: Basinger, David & Randall


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