Pressure For Change

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Author: Tatford, Fredrick Dr.
ISBN-13: N/A
Pages: 12
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Christian Missions in Many Lands (1984)
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The substance of an address given by the late Dr. Frederick A. Tatford at Echoes Day, London, Oct. 1984:

“There are some in assemblies today that are very vocal in their demands for change.  They insist principles and practices governing the local church and missionary endeavor must be altered to keep pace with the “times”; they are old fashioned and outmoded. But are they? Have they not worked?

“The principles and practices followed by assemblies at home and inforeign outreach are not assembly priciples per se but New Testament principals! Are they outmoded?

Look back over the past one and a half centuries. The Assemblies have been blessed by God and have been a great influence throughout the world. Many of their number have been prolific writers and have made a significant contribution to the field of evangelical literature. In the realm of missionary endeavor, assembly missionaries have circled the globe and literally turned the world upside down. It can hardly be said assemblies have been ineffective!

“Methods should change and, in fact, over the years there have been many changes in the methods and means employed by local assemblies and missionaries abroad. But we have no license to change the principles prescribed in the New Testament. They cannot, they must not be changed!”