Purpose In Prayer


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Author: Bounds, E. M.
ISBN-13: 9780883684382


Purpose in Prayer
By: E. M. Bounds

The prayer of faith is the one force that can turn your life into a testimony of God’s divine power. In fact, it is the only power in the universe that can change the purposes of God and bring victory to the Christian life. Even so, it is a power that is too infrequently used.
E. M. Bounds encourages every believer to open a “vista of infinite resource and possibility” by living a life of purposeful prayer. He explains how you can:

– Have the assurance of GodÀs answer, every time you pray!
– See the results of your prayers!
– Obtain all that God has for you!
– Obtain your inheritance and all that is ChristÀs!
– Do all things by GodÀs aid!
– Know what to pray for!
– Grow in the likeness of Christ!
– Overcome the obstructions to daily prayer and meditation!
– Live in perfect love!

The success and power of the Christian life depend on our ability to pray. Discover how you can be on the forefront of what God is doing and how you can become a living witness to others. The secret is prayer!

ISBN-13: 9780883684382
ISBN-10: 0883684381
Pages: 192
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 6.9 x 4.2″
Publisher: Whitaker House (1997)
Author: Bounds, E. M.