Re-Introduction to Thomas Newberry Vol 1 CLASSIC SERIES


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Author: Newberry, Thomas
ISBN-13: 9781904064817
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A Re-Introduction to Thomas Newberry: Volume 1
Classic Reprint Series
By: Thomas Newberry


This volume includes collected writing by Thomas Newberry:

Types of the Levitical Offerings: In this study there is much valuable spiritual instruction concerning the incarnation, sufferings and priestly office of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Types of the Tabernacle: The beauties and glories of the Saviour are pointed out in each article of furniture and in many facets of tabernacle service.

Solomon’s Temple and its Teaching: The author examines the temple in detail with relevant applications to daily living.


Thomas Newberry was born to believing parents in 1811. He was born again at a young age. An English Bible scholar and writer, Newberry is most well known for his interlinear Englishman’s Bible. He devoted a significant amount of his life to studying the Bible, teaching alongside Robert Chapman, George Mueller and, contributing articles to Christian publications.


ISBN-13: 9781904064817
Pages: 408
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie Ltd (2009)
Author: Newberry, Thomas


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