Reaching Muslims One Stop Guide For Christians


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Author: Chatrath, Nick
ISBN-13: 9780857210142


Reaching Muslims: A One-Stop Guide for Christians
By: Nick Chatrath

Equipping Christians to understand and befriend Muslims

Tens of millions of Muslims live in the West. As a group they are ethnically diverse, culturally rich, and often wonderfully passionate about life and faith.

Unfortunately, as Christians we often segregate our lives from Muslims. We may be fearful, or–worse–inherently suspicious of them. But what we have to share with Muslims is magnificent and potentially life-changing, and we live in a day of unprecedented opportunities to interact with Muslims from around the world. This book will help you build open-hearted friendships with Muslims.

For readers with zero knowledge about Islam and no existing relationships with Muslims, don’t worry; this book is for you. This fascinating introduction to Islam covers demography, theology, culture, politics, justice, and other aspects of Islamic identity, and includes stories and examples. Reaching Muslims is something we can all do, and it begins with friendship.

Nick Chatrath is a Cambridge graduate, a McKensey alumnus, and a gifted evangelist. Having recently completed a MA at Wadham College Oxford, he began a DPhil in September 2009. He is an associate of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and a frequent visitor or the United States. He is part of the leadership team at Emmanual Church, Oxford.

ISBN-13: 9780857210142
Publisher: Kregel (2011)
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 5.5 x 7.75″
Pages: 128
Author: Chatrath, Nick


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