Resurrection The Unopened Gift, The

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Author: Chrispin, Gerard
ISBN-13: 1903087279
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The Resurrection: The Unopened Gift
By: Gerard Chrispin

Many accept that there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus rose from the dead (though chapter one of this book summarizes that for anyone in doubt). Christians rightly rejoice that ‘He is risen!’ But how are our daily lives and understanding of the Christian teaching affected by the resurrection?

Gerard Chrispin feels that many walk away from a priceless gift, just there for the unwrapping. We can live like paupers although ‘God’s untold riches are within reach. Be it in applying Christ’s resurrection to our daily lives, or in letting its light illuminate our understanding of relate biblical truth, we must be ‘resurrection people’. HE is convinced that a grasp of it s significance can help an unbeliever to life-changing faith, restore a wayward Christian to walk with the risen Lord, and encourage all who know Christ to serve and worship Him.

ISBN-13: 9781903087275
ISBN: 1903087279
Book Size: 6.0×8.25″
Binding: Paperback
Category: Christian Living/Easter
Page Count: 174
Publisher: Day One (2007)
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Author: Chrispin, Gerard


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