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Author: Paterson, James
ISBN-13: 9781907731525
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Richard Weaver’s Life Story (Classic Biography Series)
Edited by: James Paterson

Richard Weaver was born in Asterley, Shropshire, in 1827. He had a hard upbringing with his father being a violent man and a drunkard. Richard became a coal miner and was himself a brutally hard man, his early days being filled with drunkenness and bare fist fighting as a semi-professional pugilist. Through the testimonies of some Christians and especially his wife he became a Christian in 1852 and, subsequently, a fervent evangelist. At the time of the 1859 revival, he was greatly used as the rough-tongued evangelist whose preaching was readily received by the rough and ready masses. Vast numbers of these people were converted to Christ under his ministry. He was also a very capable soloist and used his singing talent to great effect, sometimes interrupting his own message by bursting into song.

ISBN: 9781907731525
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie Media (June 2012)
Page Count: 252
Edited by: Paterson, James


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