Rightly Dividing the Word: Things that Differ


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Author: Jeyanandam, Abraham, Penfold
ISBN-13: 9781904064329
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Rightly Dividing the Word: Things That Differ
By: NJ  Jeyanandam, PK Abraham, W Penfold

This new edition of a helpful compilation of over 40 Bible study papers presents a wide variety of inter-related subjects with tabulated summaries, notes and charts authenticated with Biblical references.

The purpose of this book is to highlight the importance of having an accurate understanding of the Holy Scriptures as well as to bring honour and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. This valuable study guide for the younger generation has been carefully prepared to enable readers of God’s Word to distinguish truths, which may otherwise pass unnoticed or remain confused: leading to “rightly dividing the word of truth”.

Study papers include: The Church, Spiritual Gifts, Israel and the Church, Prophecy, devotional, Doctrinal, Word Study, Bible Study.

Charts Include: The Seven Set Feasts of Jehovah, The Times of the Gentiles, God’s Prophetic Will and the Gentile Nations, The 10th to the 14th Day of Christ as Passover Lamb and His Resurrection.

ISBN-13: 9781904064329
ISBN: 1904064329
Binding: Paperback
Category: Reference
Publisher: John Ritchie Ltd
Author: Jeyanandam, Abraham, Penfold