Saved For The Service of God – Honduras (Allister Shedden)


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Author: Shedden, Allister & Jean
ISBN-13: 9781909803831
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Saved for the Service of God: The Biography of Allister and Jean Shedden
By: Marion Cunningham

This short biograhpy gives a glimpse into the life that Allister and Jean Shedden were called to lead. Allister was on his way to begin his training as a pilot when his convoy of 26 ships was attacked by the Germans near the straits of Gibraltar. His physical life was saved when the torpedo meant for his ship missed. As a 19 year old, Allister was not a Christian. This experience changed his life forever, because a short time later he was saved for eternity and so began his walk with God and his call to serve the God who had saved him.

ISBN13: 9781909803831
ISBN: 1909803839
Publisher: John Ritchie (2014)
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 108
Author: Cunningham, Marion  


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