Saved to Serve: The Treasure in Earthen Vessels (Biography of John Martin)

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SKU: 9781882701094
Author: Martin, John M
ISBN-13: 9781882701094
Pages: 60
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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Fifty Years of Church Planting & Christian Service: This is a biography of John Martin. It examines his life, and how it was spent in the service of the Lord in Ontario, Canada.

Saved to Serve isn’t a book for armchair theorists. Endless discussions about church planting abound. Many debate the best way to go about it. They have their pie charts and population projections, demographic studies and the results of telemarketing surveys. Then there are the few who, while the talking continues, just go out and do it. John Martin is one of those few. He can teach us a great deal about establishing New Testament churches the biblical way. He speaks from experience. We ought to listen.