Seven True Stories


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Author: F. Bevan
Pages: 124
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
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A British army officer fell in love but then lost touch with the young lady. Decades later he went hunting for her. “All at once the thought struck me, ‘I wonder if Cecile is still alive!’ I tried to remember the exact name of her husband, but I could not be sure of it. I went into a bookseller’s shop and asked for the Berlin directory. I looked for the names that seemed to be nearest to the name I had once known so well. There were seven names something like hers. I could not be sure which it was.” He wanted to tell her that he loved her now more than ever. But why? How would he find her and would she even remember him? The answers can be found in just one of the Seven True Stories. You will find each of the seven packed with lessons in faith and faithfulness.


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