Seventy Weeks of Daniels Prophecy


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Author: Kelly, William
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The Seventy Weeks: Seventy Weeks are Determined Upon Thy People
By: William Kelly

‘Seventy Weeks Are Determined Upon Thy People” (Daniel 9:24).

William Kelly (1821 – 1906) was one of the foremost expositors of his day. His insight into prophetic Scriptures was remarkable. Those insights have stood the test of time and are being increasingly propagated by modern authors.

The Seventy Weeks prophecy is divided into three parts – 7, 62 and 1. The period begins with the decree to build Jerusalem (B.C. 445) and ends with Christ’s appearing. They are weeks of years – thus 490 years. Seven weeks – 49 years – were occupied with the re-building of the city and the wall; add to these 62 weeks – 434 years – making 483 in all, and we come to Messiah the Prince. His rejection by Israel has deferred the blessing; hence the missing week remains for fulfilment in the future. Seven years of trouble – 3_ of which will be intense – thus await the restored Jews before the final blessing is brought in by Christ’s appearing.

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Author: Kelly, William


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