Shadows of Redemption


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SKU: 9781882701513
Author: Waller, CH
ISBN-13: 9781882701513
Pages: 176
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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We are sometimes tempted to presume that Old Testament worshippers had the substance of true worship and we have only the shadows. After all, they could touch their altar and lamb and priest. We, on the other hand, only see the plan of salvation by the eye of faith now. Yet, as Shadows of Redemption shows us, the form of worship on the desert sand at the base of Mount Sinai was only a shadowy outline of the reality of all we have in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Including the following chapters:

*In All Points Tempted
*The Coming of Our Lord
*Stranger in Jerusalem
*The Print of the Nails
*Jesus Christ the Same

A companion volume to: The Silver Sockets



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