Shadows of the Perfect


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Author: Arnold Mattice
Pages: 61
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press - Gospel Reprints
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Christ Typified in the Levitical Offerings

We as priests can stand, so to speak, at the altar and worship God and praise Him as we consider the great value of our Lord and His sacrifice on Calvary to His Father.

Shadows of the Perfect originally began as needed ministry to the Lord’s people on the offerings of the Old Testament and their typical meaning. Christians who had benefited urged the author to commit these studies to writing that they might have a more widespread audience and a more permanent form. Every page of Shadows points to the Perfect One, the Lamb of God.

From an early age Arnold Mattice was active in the Lord’s work in the Sunday School and as an overseer. He took an early retirement from his accounting job at General Motors to devote more time to the ministries the Lord had given him. He and his wife Ruth lived in Oshawa, Ontario until their home call.



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