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Author: Ryrie, Charles C.
ISBN-13: 9780802478184


So Great Salvation: What it Means to Believe in Jesus Christ
By: Charles C. Ryrie

What is the Gospel? Confusion about the Gospel is a serious problem of tremendous magnitude. It’s not just semantics. It’s the eternal difference between heaven and hell. But there is Good News. Follow along in this scholarly yet readable work as Dr. Ryrie carefully explains what the Bible has to say about salvation, discussing man’s hopeless state before meeting Jesus, God’s grace in saving us, and our call to obedience as we walk with Him.

In So Great Salvation, Dr. Ryrie also addresses many questions raised by those who hold to the lordship salvation position. Does Jesus have to be the Lord of every area of our lives before we are saved? What about backslidden Christians? What is ‘easy-believeism?’ Join Dr. Ryrie as he studies the important topic of salvation. Discover how God’s grace is all we need to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Charles C. Ryrie is professor emeritus at Dallas Theological Seminary and distinguished Professor at Philadelphia College of Bible. He is annotator of the Ryrie Study Bible, Expanded Edition and author of many books, including Balancing the Christian Life, Basic Theology, and The Holy Spirit.

ISBN-13: 9780802478184
ISBN: 0802478182
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Moody Publishers (1997)
Pages: 160
Dimensions: 5 1/2 X 8 1/2″
Author: Ryrie, Charles C.


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