Sons Of Abraham (Original title: Husbands Love Your Wives)

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Author: White, Walter F
ISBN-13: 9781556308635
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Sons Of Abraham (Original title: Husbands Love Your Wives)
By: Walter White

God’s plan for men and women is perfect if not adjusted by the world. Man was created by God who gave him the role as head of the household. Great companion for Daughters of Sarah. Excellent for Seminaries, Pastors and libraries and as a graduation or wedding gift. 

“It used to be said, ‘Behind every good man, there is a good woman.” Not so, in most cases today. Women are leading us men, dragging us along and we have let it happen. We have allowed the ERA and other women’s organizations to change the way we think. Not only have our wives come to agree withthem,many of us Christian men are agreeing with them as well. Fifty-fifty, equal-equal. It won’t work! We are not equal. We are not the same. We have different roles. God’s plan for us dosen’t need to be adjusted by the world. It is perfect and works perfectly if we are willing to walk in it, in obedience to His Word.” This book is written for men who believe God’s Word and want to learn how to walk in the fullness of it. Man was created by God and He gave him the role as the head of the family.

Walter White died September 17,2002. Walter continues to share with men as they use this book individually and in group settings around the country and internationally. Our family is thankful for the privilege of having had this Godly man love us and lead us.

ISBN-13: 9781556308635
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 91
Publisher: Brentwood Christian Press (1998)
Author: White, Walter